AMD630, Hi-Res audio Headset with  amazon alexa on-to-go technologic AMA

AMH630S/ D Features

  • Hi-Res Over-Ear Headphones with Frequency Response Range 20-40,000Hz (630S), and 5-50,000Hz (630D)
  • Dynamic 40mm Full-range, bass-enhanced driver (630S)
  • Hybrid (Electrostatic + 40mm dual) Hi-Res Speaker Drivers (630D)
  • CAEE audio enhancer engine enables up-sampling from 48KHz to 192KHz/24bit audio output
  • Rendering all lossy audio files to Hi-Res quality by 192KHz /24bit re-Sampling to audio out
  • Output level control – you can choose 3 kinds of the audio output (5mW+5mW), (20mW+20mW) and (30mW+30mW) depending on the recording level of the music source, or audio volume level that you’d like to listen to.
  • In 10 meter range, via Bluetooth Wireless V4.2 you can fully enjoy hi-res quality music
  • Alexa IoT Service with cloud music support by Amazon Alexa apps
  • Digital streaming USB audio enables you to decode Hi-Res files as DSD256(DoP) and PCM192KHz/24bit like FLAC

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